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The paints we use are UV and varnish ecological water




Baden Bauen in these years has developed considerable expertise in its sector, succeeding in intuiting the necessities that appear in the choice of furniture for a room, which is becoming more and more important in every house: the bathroom, place of personal we being and complete relax, where every detail must be in harmony with people living in. Dynamism, high competitiveness, excellent trims, are all features peculiar to Baden Bauen; which represents a very good referent for all kinds of purchaser: from the young couple dealing with first bathroom's furniture; to the well established families which only desire to ehange the look of the most intimate place of their house. Comfort guaranteed by Baden Bauen,is all in the functionality of its products, where design is not an optional. Baden Bauen effects deliveries in all ltaly and abroad; with the valuable support of agents and resellers. Deliveries take place weekly through the most reliable shipping companies.